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Last updated: October 27th 2016
Annina Ucatis is back with another hot scene for you guys. She just couldn’t wait to share this with you. This is how she ended in her latest date with this ripped hunk and she sure was pleased with that she received. She got set up with one of her friend’s coworkers, after she continued on complaining about her bad luck in the dating department. So she got a call from her friend letting her know that she got a date on Friday night at this new restaurant. Annina spent the entire day looking for the perfect outfit for her fantastic date. So she went there wearing her sexy black dress, high heels and her fishnet stockings.


Once she got there she started looking for him, at first she thought she misunderstood the place or the hour. After she ordered her drink she finally noticed him waiting for her at a table, he was the only one alone in the entire place. So she went to him all embarrassed because she didn’t noticed him from the beginning. After they had a good laugh about their  date beginning they continued with the rest of the date. Annina find him kind of attractive and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get in his pants. So she took him home after they finished eating and they sure had a good time. After she finished sucking his hard tool she continued with shoving his hard cock deep in her juicy pussy and riding it like crazy. Enjoy it!

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Annina Ucatis Exposed on ScoreLand

Our busty babe Annina Ucatis just can’t stop bragging with her delicious curves. The other day she was feeling all alone so she decided to take some pictures for you guys. But as she was posing around the house she noticed that her hot neighbor was checking her out. So she wanted to make the best of it. She started posing closer to the window so he could have a better look at her curves. Annina started taking off her clothes one by one, piece by piece, so he could have a better look at her delicious curves.

Of course she took off her apron first, so he could have a better look at her monster tits. Because how are we kidding..she sure has big juggs. AnninaUcatis then continued with a sensual massage, oiling and gently massaging those huge juggs. Than she slowly went lower and took of her tiny panties showing off her juicy pussy. But when she saw her hot neighbour still wasn’t convinced to came over at her place she didn’t think twice and started pleasing her pussy. She spread her legs and slowly slipped her fingers deep in her pussy while squeezing her big tits. After that it didn’t took him too long to get over at her place. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and see this hot scene ended. And don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside blog so check it out and enjoy watching another beauty getting naked in front of the camera!


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Whipped Cream

Every gal loves whipped cream, but Annina Ucatis sure has a different way of using it. The other day she got stuck at her place and she wasn’t in any mood of going out. It was one of those ugly and rainy days, when you just want to waste time and watch tv. That was Annina did and she found this interesting cooking tv show and they were preparing this delicious pie covered with whipped cream. So the adult star went in the kitchen gathered all the ingredients and started baking her pie. But after less then 10 minute she got bored and found a better way to play with her whipped cream.


Annina took off her clothes, showing off her amazing curves, those huge juggs and her fine ass as well. Then she took the whipped cream started drawing with it on her body. After she finished covering her hard nipples with it she went lower to her pussy. But all this playing made her horny and she had to take care of it. So she sat on the floor and started fingering her pussy. Annina slipped her fingers deeper and deeper in her pussy. She just couldn’t stop stuffing her pussy. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and we’ll see you next time with more hot updates with our busty beauty. Enjoy it!

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Annina Ucatis Porno Scene

We are back with another hot Annina Ucatis porno scene. She was so pissed off with her man and she wanted to get even with him after she found out that he cheated on her. She found him in their house with another women when she returned earlier from a trip she took. She was so pissed off so she took all of her stuff and moved to a friend until she could find another place for herself. After staying in the house a couples of days and avoiding her man’s call she decided to go out for a coffee. There she met this hot guy and after talking for a while they decided to go out for a drink the next day.

They date went so well that she decided to invite him over because she was alone that night. At first she didn’t wanted to sleep with him, but that didn’t last too long. After they started making out it didn’t take her too long to her in the bedroom. Annina undressed him and after sucking his hard tool, she spread her legs and got his hard cock shoved deep in her pussy. So you don’t want to miss out the entire scene to see how it all ended. Enjoy it and don’t forget that you can find some similar videos and pics inside the blog. See you next time, friends!


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Annina Ucatis – Jizz Fest from ScoreLand

Sexy Annina Ucatis is back and she brought you another hot scene. This time she ended up getting fucked by the cable guy. The other day of a nasty storm she had some problem with her cable so she called to the company so they would send someone to take care of her problem. She called before at her cable company but they would always sent older guys, but this was her lucky day. When she opened the door she found this cute guy with a great smile there to help her out. So she invited him in and took him to the living room and while he was working she just couldn’t stop staring at him.


When he finished with his hard work she realized that she didn’t have any cash money. Of course she forgot to go the ATM and also didn’t want to take her look of him. All embarrassed she look after money all over the place but with no luck. Then she thought to take advantage of the situation and asked him if she could pay in other ways.
He was more than pleased with the new paying system and accepted with a big smile on his face. Annina pushed him on the couch and started undressing and showing off her curves. She then went to her knees and started undressing him until she got to his fat cock. Annina just couldn’t get enough of it and she didn’t stop sucking it until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum over her pretty face and all over her huge juggs as well. So enjoy it! Also you can enter the website and watch some slutty girlfriends sucking some big cocks!


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Cock Hungry Slut

Once in a while everyone needs a change and in Annina Ucatis’ case than meant she had to change her men. She always had a weakness for black men, but unfortunately lately she didn’t have any luck in finding them. But all of that was going to change in the next night when she went out with her friends.  They went to this hip hop club next to this dangerous neighborhood to see this upcoming new artist. They got there right in time for his performance and after a few songs, Annina went to the bar to order a drink and there he was. Her black stud checking her out and making sure she noticed that he was checking her out. He went next to her and started talking with her and then he bought her another drink.

After a few glasses she ended up at his place. They didn’t even make it to the door without undressing each other. So by the time they got to the bed room they were completely naked and ready for action. When Annina saw his monster cock she just couldn’t believe her eyes and didn’t want to waste any more time.  So she stuffed the big black tool in her filthy mouth and started sucking it until she got her mouth full of nasty jizz. Of course she then continued with riding his fat cock like crazy all night long. By the way, you might want to visit the site and see another beautiful lady sucking big cocks and getting sprayed with jizz!


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Fuck Scene from ScoreLand

As promised we are back with another hot scene with hot Annina Ucatis. This time she ended up getting hammered by this smoking hot plumber. She was single for a couples of weeks now and without her man to take care of the house she had to call a specialist to take a look at her problems. After a dinner party she had at her place she ended up cloging her pipes with all those left overs. Her piping system started making all kind of reapy noises so she called her friend to ask for a good plumber. Her friend thought she needed more than a plumber so she recommended this smoking hot hunk that knows how to fix more than pipes.


So she called him and in a half an hour there he was ready to take care of her problems. He went to the kitchen and in ten mintues her problem was solved. When he saw her and those huge juggs and he knew he had to see them bounce while riding his tool, so he asked her for a beer. After he finished drinking it he got the guts to start hitting on her. He was kind of cute so she started getting closer and closer until they ended up on the kitchen table making out. Then their clothes started flying all over the place until they were both completely naked. Our cute plumber finally got what he wanted, stuffing his cock deep in her pussy and making those huge juggs bounding up and down. Enjoy it! Wanna see another busty babe getting her pussy fucked? If you do, check out the sit eand see hot Amber in action!

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Sensual Massage

What’s a better way to start your day, that a hot and steamy shower? Annina Ucatis was thinking about the exact same thing. But after she enjoyed her alone time she thought she might need some company, so she called her latest crush over for some coffee. She went to the door to welcome him wearing nothing but her bath towel. At first he thought he came to soon and caught her coming out of the shower. But after seeing her play with her towel and lifting it higher and higher he knew that she wanted to get fucked. Annina took him to her bed room to drink their coffees so they could also watch some tv.

Once they got there her towel went on the floor and she got completely naked in front of him. Annina as you already know has an amazing body, huge tits and delicious curves, so you can’t really so no to that! Annina started getting closer and closer until she finally got next to him, so grabbed his cock and she knew that he was happy of what he was seeing. So she took him in the bathroom and after a little foreplay they ended up fucking all day long. And this cutie got to play with her huge juggs, massaging them and squeezing them as well. So enjoy it!


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Annina Ucatis – Interracial Fuck from ScoreLand

Guess what he brough you today? An insane Annina Ucatis interracial fuck scene. You know that black guys are Annina’s favorite type and you all figured out why. She got a thing for big cocks and all her friends know that. So her friends wanted to set her up with this hot black guy that moved right next to her house. She was kind of interested in him but she then found out that he was seeing someone at that time. Annina continued with her usual routine and was so happy that she didn’t told him a word about her secret crush on him.


A few weeks later, Annina got a special visit and was more than pleased to see her hot neighbour at her doorstep. He wanted to asked her about the piping system, but he ended up checking it out by himself. She went with him and one thing lead to another and she ended up finding out that he was single. After he gave her the look she knew that this was going to be her lucky day. So she went closer and closer until he grabbed her bignaturals and started making out. From there to the bedroom it wasn’t such a long way and before you know it they were completely naked and Annina was taking his hard cock deep in every hole. So don’t miss it out and see how this hardcore scene ended. Enjoy it and see you next time!

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Steamy Shower

Annina Ucatis just can’t get enough hot showers with hot guys. This time she offered her house to a closer friend of her ex boyfriend. She got along so well with him while she was dating her ex, that she didn’t saw any problem with him staying at her place. So she waited for him in the train station and after a long walk all over the city they finally hot home. While he was taking his shower, Annina went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. After she gave it another thought she decided to try him out. She broke up with her ex for the same reason, she caught him cheating on her. So this was the perfect payback.
Annina went straight to her room in the bathroom and entered wearing nothing but her sexy see thru lingerie. He never saw her naked and it sure was a great surprise. Annina just couldn’t keep her hands away from him and started stroking his fat cock and she just couldn’t stop until she got covered with creamy loads of cum all over her delicious curves. So enjoy it! If you liked this scene and you are looking for similar content, you can enter the blog and watch another beauty getting her wet cunt stuffed!


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