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Sensual Massage

What’s a better way to start your day, that a hot and steamy shower? Annina Ucatis was thinking about the exact same thing. But after she enjoyed her alone time she thought she might need some company, so she called her latest crush over for some coffee. She went to the door to welcome him wearing nothing but her bath towel. At first he thought he came to soon and caught her coming out of the shower. But after seeing her play with her towel and lifting it higher and higher he knew that she wanted to get fucked. Annina took him to her bed room to drink their coffees so they could also watch some tv.

Once they got there her towel went on the floor and she got completely naked in front of him. Annina as you already know has an amazing body, huge tits and delicious curves, so you can’t really so no to that! Annina started getting closer and closer until she finally got next to him, so grabbed his cock and she knew that he was happy of what he was seeing. So she took him in the bathroom and after a little foreplay they ended up fucking all day long. And this cutie got to play with her huge juggs, massaging them and squeezing them as well. So enjoy it!


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